St. Joseph's Lithuanian
Roman Catholic Church
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St. Joseph’s Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church
Mahanoy City, PA:

A List of Parishioners Who Have Paid the Fee for the Year 1923

By Diane (Bernota, Kerelevicius) Rooney


This database of 650 names was taken from the 35th anniversary program for St. Joseph’s Church in Mahanoy City, PA, the town’s Lithuanian parish. The list is of parish members who paid the annual fee for that year. All of the names on the list are male, and no indication is given of household size or of relationship among parishioners with the same name. Where there were people with the same name, the roster identified them by number (I, II, III) but with no indication of relationship.

The program was published September 30, 1923, the 35th anniversary of the laying of the church’s cornerstone by Archbishop P.J. Ryan of Philadelphia. It also contains a history of the parish illustrated with photographs.

St. Joseph’s is still an active parish in the diocese of Allentown and is located at 614 W Mahanoy Ave, Mahanoy City, PA 17948. The current contact is Rev. Msgr.Anthony Wassel. Phone: (570) 773-2771 Fax: (570) 773-1937.

Additional information on Mahanoy City Lithuanians is available in the St. Joseph’s Cemetery database compiled by Jay Zane, Esq.

In August 1888, Archbishop Ryan assigned Father Petras Ambromaitis to organize a Lithuanian parish for the Mahanoy City community. Four plots of land at West Mahanoy Avenue and C Street were purchased for $3600. The church was dedicated by Archbishop Ryan on June 9, 1893. The church is Gothic in style, and is 100 feet long and 54 feet wide. It was built at a cost of $40,000. The rectory was built in 1894 at a cost of $6000 and the school in 1907 at a cost of $15,000.

The pastors of St. Joseph’s and their terms of service for the first 35 years were:

Father Petras Ambromaitis
Father Petras Ambromaitis: (photo left)
August 1888 to December 31, 1893
Father V. Dargis:
October 10, 1911 to March 15, 1916
Father S. Pautenius:
January 1, 1894 to May 24, 1908
Father Jer. Valaitis:
March 17, 1916 to November 9, 1916
Father Petras Ambromaitis:
May 24, 1908 to May 12, 1910
Father P. Augustaitis:
November 9, 1916 to April 30, 1920
Father S. Pautenius:
May 12, 1910 to October 10, 1911
Father P. Cesna:
took office on May 1, 1920

In 1923 there were eleven parish societies, including an adult choir with 62 members, and a children’s choir.

A high point of the parish’s modern history was the visit of Mother Teresa of Calcutta on June 17, 1995. She was accompanied by Bishop Thomas J. Welsh of the Allentown Diocese and 25 priests and deacons.

Additional pictures
Front of St. Joseph's Church | Old St. Joseph's Cemetery | Angel marker

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  • Jagminas, Pranas  
  • Janulevyčius, Vladas  
  • Juodis, Jonas  
  • Jakimonis, Mikas  
  • Jenkerta, Petras  
  • Juodsnukis, Motiejus  
  • Jakštis, Konstantas  
  • Jokubauskas, Jonas  
  • Juozevyčius, Vincas  
  • Jakubauskas, Petras  
  • Jonavyčius, Jonas  I
  • Juraitis, Vincas  
  • Jakubauskas, Vincas  
  • Jonavyčius, Jonas  II
  • Jurčikonis, Jonas  
  • Jakubonis, Juozas  
  • Jonusevyčius, Andrius  
  • Jurčikonis, Simonas  
  • Jakubonis, Vincas  
  • Jonuška, Motiejus  
  • Jurkevyčius, Pranas  
  • Jalinskas, Stasys  
  • Juočys, Motiejus  
  • Jurkša, Juozas  
  • Jančius, Juozas  
  • Juočys, Petras  
  • Jusaitis, Vaitiekus  
  • Jankauskas, Jonas  
  • Juodeška, Pijus  
  • Juškevyčius, Jonas  
  • Jankauskas, Vincas  
  • Juodeška, Vincas  II
  • Juškevyčius, Juozas  
  • Janulevyčius, Pranas  
  • Juodeška, Vincas  I
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  • Janulevyčius, Vincas  
  • Juodinis, Jurgis  
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