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Riverside Cemetery
1301 S. Superior St.
Albion, MI 49224
Phone: (517)629-2479
Albion Memory Gardens
26905 B Drive South
Albion, MI 49224
Phone: (517) 629-8700
Riverside cemetery: Listed on the State of Michigan Register of Historic Places in 1996. A historical marker was dedicated on May 18, 1997.

Marker text (Side1)
: "Riverside Cemetery. The first burial in this cemetery occurred in 1837, the year Michigan became a state. Land developer Jesse Crowell had purchased a one and one-half acre parcel in 1836, and cleared it in 1837 for use as a burial ground. In 1842, Crowell sold the land to the Albion Cemetery Corporation for two dollars. The cemetery was enlarged in 1853, 1885, and 1914, resulting in a total of forty-six acres. Reflecting Albion’s ethnically diverse population, the cemetery has areas known as "The Russian Section", "German Hill" and a section for African-American veterans from World War I. A private Catholic cemetery contains the remains of people from Italy, Lithuania, and Poland.”

Marker text (Side2):"Originally known as Albion Cemetery and Albion Burying Ground, this cemetery was named Riverside in 1886 by the City Council. In addition to a unique array of tombstones, the cemetery includes impressive mausoleum, an office, a receiving vault and a fishpond. Riverside Cemetery contains the remains of Albion pioneers and veterans as well as distinguished and notorious citizens. Those interred here include Washington Gardner (1845-1928), who served in the U.S. Congress and as Michigan’s Secretary of State; and Michigan State Senator Warren G. Hooper (1905-1945) who was shot gangland style before he could appear before a grand jury and testify regarding corruption."

The Hooper case remains one of the most famous unsolved murder mysteries and a significant political event during the late 1940's in Michigan. Self guided tours/maps are available at the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce and admission is FREE.

Most Lithuanians and their descendants are buried in the southern sections of the cemetery, including the Catholic section. The cemetery records transcribed here contain numerous bits of information as supplied: Last name, first name, middle name, date of birth, date of death, burial date, block/lot/grave number, ledger page number, name of father, maiden name of mother, name of spouse, some names of children (usually daughters with different married surnames listed) if supplied, veteran information, and other information such as year they came to Albion. Block numbers in the “900s” refer to the Catholic Section of the cemetery, and will have a page number beginning with “C,” as in for example, “C-14.” Some information has been obtained from the obituary of the deceased.

Names of non-Lithuanian spouses are also included in this listing. [NOTE: No Lithuanians buried here with surnames A through F]

Albion Memory Gardens is a relatively new commercial cemetery begun in the late 1950s. It is located just outside the Albion city limits on the northest corner of Irwin Avenue and Finley Drive.

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Riverside & Albion Memory Gardens listings
Greiza, Anna      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: KRACKO b. 16 February 1914. d. 26 July 1994 Albion. Burial 29 July 1994. Block 120, Lot 406, Grave 406. Pg. 1172. Father: Leon Kracko. Mother: Lena. Husband: John Alexander Greiza. Married 28 August 1937, Albion. Worked at Corning Glass Works.
Greiza, John Alexander      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 21 January 1914 Jackson, Michigan. d. 9 January 1984 Battle Creek, Michigan, age 69 years. Burial 11 November 1984. Block 120, Lot 405, Grave 405. Page 1172. Father: John Greiza. Mother: Josephine Maksymowicz. Wife: Anna Kracko. Married 28 August 1927, Albion. Came to Albion in 1940.
Jasenas, Albert J.      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 1 September 1918 Jackson, Michigan. d. 24 July 1984, Albion, Michigan. Burial Nov 4, 1985. Block 901, Lot 17, Grave 1, Page C-2. Father: Vincent Jasenas. Mother: Damicele Karpiuciute. Wife: Barbara A. Bown. Married 26 April 1938, Angola Indiana. Cremains-in same grave as wife. Came to Albion 1939. Murdered by Allan Fleetwood & Bill Dittis.
Jasenas, Barbara A.      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: BOWEN b. 30 Aug 1919 Muskegon, Michigan, d. 30 October 1985 Spring Arbor, Michigan. Age 66. Burial November 4, 1985. Block 901, Lot 17, Grave 1, Page C-2. Mother: Mary Spaulding. Father: Silas Bowen, Sr. Husband: Albert J. Jasenas. Married 26 April 1938, Angola, Indiana. Cremains in save grave as husband.
Jasiulevicius, Ema      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: KYNAITE. b. 28 November 1899, Mureikai, Lithuania. d. 22 May, 1974. Age 74. Burial 24 May 1974. Block 119, Lot 10, Grave 2. Page 1463. Father: Gotfrydas Kynaitis. Mother: Marijona Verneryte. Husband: Kostas Jasiulevicius. Married April 13, 1937 in Lithuania.
Jasiulevicius, Kostas      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 3 February 1899, Lipniskes, Lithuania (now in Belarus). d. 11 July 1978 Albion, Michigan, age 79. Block 119, Lot 10, Grave 1. Page 1463. Father: Matthew Jasiulevicius. Father: Catherine Burblys. Wife: Ema Kynaite. Married 13 April, 1937 Lithuania. Came to U.S. 1950. Occupation: Shipping Dept., Corning Glass Works.
Kaus, Clara      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 1905. d. 2 February 1941, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Burial 6 February 1941. Block 907, Lot 2, Grave 4. Page C-14. Father: Thomas Chehowski. Mother: Katherine Dolegowski. Husband: Kasper Kaus Kazlauckas. Married 1924. First husband Frank Marzic.
Kaus, Kasper      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: See above. Buried in Catholic Section.
Kaus, Modist      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 1893, Lithuania. d. 1942. Burial 27 August 1942. Father: Kasper Kazlauskas. Block 907, Lot 2, Grave 5. Page C-14.
Kazlauckas, Kasper Klaus      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 30 July 1928, Albion. d. 5 September 1928, Albion. Age 1 month. Father: Modist Kazlauckas (born in Lithuania). Wife: Clara Chehowski (born in Poland). NOTE: See shortened surname spelling “Kaus”.
Kniburys, Vytautas      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. Apr. 7, 1919, Lithuania, d: Sep. 2, 2004, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan. b. Altunas (note: citizenship papers erroneously say Kazliai, where he last lived) Lithuania. Parents: Simanas and Ona (Sutkeviciute) Kniburys. Wife: Rozalia Gorny, m. Germany March 9, 1946.
Kulikowski, Agnes      Cemetery: Memory Gardens
Inscription/Remarks: DUDEK. b. 28 September 1920, Concord Township, Jackson County, Michigan. d. 23 January 1988, Battle Creek, Michigan, age 67. Burial 25 January, 1988. Father: Frank Dudek, Sr. Mother: Dorothy Dietrich. Husband: Julius Kulikowski. Married 12 April 1940, Napoleon, Ohio.
Kulikowski, Casper      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 9 July 1934 Albion. d. 23 June 1980, Dowagiac, Michigan, age 45. Buried 25 June 1980. Block 124, Lot Veteran-73, Grave 73. Page 1833. Veteran U.S. Air Force, Korea. Father: Nikodemas Kulikauskas (Mike Kulikowski, Sr.). Mother: Teodora Barvydaite. Wife: Patty Rosenberry (divorced). Married 20 October 1956, Angola, Indiana.
Kulikowski, George      Cemetery: Memory Gardens
Inscription/Remarks: b. 20 October 1922, Albion, Michigan. d. 19 July 1970, Detroit, Michigan. Buried 22 July 1970. Father: Nikodemas Kulikauskas. Mother: Teodora Barvydaite. Wife: Roberta.
Kulikowski, Julius      Cemetery: Memory Gardens
Inscription/Remarks: b. 14 November, 1914 Cicero, Illinois. d. 3 August 1993, Pocatello, Idaho, age 78. Burial 9 August 1993. Father: Nikodemas Kulikauskas. Mother: Teodora Barvydaite. Wife: 1) Agnes G. Dudek. Married 12 April 1940, Napoleon, Ohio. Wife 2) Mrs. Agnes Dean. Married 21 January, 1989, Albion.
Kulikowski, Kenneth William      Cemetery: Memory Gardens
Inscription/Remarks: Sr. b. 28 September 1942, Jackson, Michigan. d. 8 Febraury 1996, Concord Township, Jackson County, Michigan, age 53. Burial February 12, 1996. Father: Julius Kulikowski. Mother: Agnes G. Dudek. Wife 1) Carla Trippitt. Married 196_. Wife 2) Jo Ellen Kay Roberts. Married 17 March, 1989, Concord, Michigan.
Kulikowski, Michael      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: [Kulikauskas, Nikodemas]. b. 9 February 1890, Nevardenai (near Varniai), Lithuania. d. 7 April 1975 Albion. Burial 10 April 1975. Block 914, Lot 7, Grave 4. Page C-28. Father: Juozas Kulikauskas [record erroneously says Stanley]. Mother: Julijona-Scholastika Vosgird. Wife: Teodora Barvydaite. Married 8 January 1914 Chicago, Illinois. To U.S. in 1911, to Albion from Cicero, Illinois in 1918.
Kulikowski, Stella      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: [Kulikauskas, Stanislova]. b. 23 November 1915, Cicero, Illinois. d. 31 March 1924, Albion, age 8 years. Block 904, Lot 65, Grave 65. Page C-8. Father: Nikodemas Kulikauskas. Father: Teodora Barvydaite.
Kulikowski, Teodora      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: BARVYDAITE. b. 9 December 1893, Deguciai Manor (north of Luoke), Lithuania. d. 4 March 1973, Albion, Michigan, age 79 years. Buried 7 March 1973. Block 914, Lot 7, Grave 5. Page C-28. Father: Ignotas Barvydas. Mother: Barbora Kondratas. Husband: Mike Kulikowski, Sr. (Nikodemas Kulikauskas). Married 8 January 1914, Chicago, Illinois.
Kulikowski, Teresa Lynn      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 29 April 1965 Albion. d. 10 July 1987, Jackson, Michigan, age 22. Burial 14 July, 1987. Block 119, Lot P-36, Grave 2. Page 1504. Father: Lawrence Kulikowski. Mother: Janice Kay Fox.
Kulikowski, Victor Joseph      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: (aka: Kulikauskas, Viktoras). b. 25 March 1920, Albion, Michigan. d. 23 February 2001, Three Rivers, Michigan, age 80. Cremains buried 28 February, 2001. Block 904, Lot 65, Grave 65, (Page C-8), in grave space of sister Stella. Father: Nikodemas Kulikauskas. Mother: Teodora Barvydaite. Wife: Mary Cassie (Portas) Masternak ...For additional information regarding the Kulikowski family, e-mail Frank Passic.
Kulikowski,       Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: Infant. b. 16 December 1976, Albion. d. 16 December 1976, Albion, age 1½ hours. Block 29, Lot M, Grave 0, Page 333. Father: . Mother: Pamela Kulikowski.
Kulikowski, Sr, Victor Joe      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b: Mar. 25, 1920, Albion, Calhoun County, Michigan. d: Feb. 23, 2001, Three Rivers, St. Joseph County, Michigan. Sister: Stella Kulikowski (1915-1924). Parents: Nikodemas and Teodora (Barvydas) Kulikauskas. Wife: Mary (Portas) Masternak, married in 1955, passed away in 1997. Son: Victor J. Kulikowski, Jr.
Lesnevitch, Paul      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 15 June 1882, Vilnius, Lithuania. d. 2 January 1966, Marshall, Mich. Burial 5 January 1966. Block 129, Lot 488, Grave 488. Page 910. Father: William Lesnevitch. Mother: Anna. Wife: Anna. Son: Aleck of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Came to Albion from Vilnius in 1905.
Lesniewich, John      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 1883, Potboy, Lithuania. d. 16 October 1939, Albion. Burial Block 129, Lot 487, Grave 487. Father: William Lesnevitch. Mother: Anna. Brother: Paul Lesnevitch.
Lesniewicz, John      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 15 March 1883, Lithuania. d. 12 April 1941, Albion. Buried 14 April 1941. Block 129, Lot 498, Grave 498. Page 910. Came to Albion from Lithuania in 1907. Albion resident 34 years. Cousin: Paul Lesnevitch.
Michniewicz, Anna      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: GOSIEWICZ. b. d. 4 November 1958, Chicago, Illinois. Burial 9 November 1958. Block 907, Lot 4, Grave 32. Page C-14.
Michniewicz, Paul      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 6 January 1873 Poland. d. 14 December 1935 Albion. Burial 17 Dec 1935. Block 907, Lot 4, Grave 31. Page C-14. Father: Ignatz Michniewicz (born in Poland). Mother: Frances Shantz (born in Poland). Wife: Anna Gosiewicz [SEE: Daughter: Victoria Norik].
Norik, Victoria      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: MICHNIEWICZ. b. 1902. d. 1979, Chicago, Illinois. Burial 17 September 1979. Block 907, Lot 4, Grave 33. Page C-14. Husband: ____Norik. Father: Paul Michniewicz. Mother: Anna Gosiewicz. 1919 graduate of Albion High School. First husband: N. F. Szubzynski of Chicago.
Prigun, Osyp      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: “Joe.” b. 15 June 1919 Minsk, Belarus. d. 16 December 1996 Jackson, Michigan. Burial 20 December 1996. Block 119, Lot Path-5, Pg. 1475. Father: Stanislovas Prigun. Mother: Veronica. Wife: Wera Rodnoyick. Marriage date: 31 May 1941, Vaiguva, Lithuania.
Prigun, Wera      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: WODNOYICK. b. 1 April 1919 Belarus. d. 16 February 1996 Albion. Burial 20 February, 1996. Block 119, Lot Path-15. Pg. 1475. Father: Paul Rodnoyick. Mother: Eugenia. Husband: Oysp Prigun. Marriage: 31 May 1941, Vaiguva, Lithuania.
Raulinaitis, Mateus      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 1885 d. 16 February 1952, Albion. Age 67. Burial 20 February 1952. Block 908, Log 65, Grave O. Page C-16. Born Lithuania, left February 1912. Came to Albion from Canada in 1939. Albion resident 13 years. Brother: William Raulinaitis of Kizmiller, Maryland.
Shimkus, Betty Jean      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: LOOMIS. b. 7 April 1930 Liberty Township, Jackson County, Michigan. d. 23 April 1997, Albion, age 67. Burial 28 April, 1997, Block 121, Lot 107, Grave 107. Pg. 1181. Father: George Carrol Loomis. Mother: Georgia Mae Mullins. Husband: James F. Shimkus. Marred 7 August 1948, Angola, Indiana.
Shimkus, Carl John      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 1922. d. 18 October 1929, Sheridan Township, Calhoun County, Michigan. Age 6 years. Burial 21 October 1929. Block 100, Lot 18, Grave 1. Page 713. Father: John J. Shimkus. Mother: Maude E. Harris.
Shimkus, James F.      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 13 April 1928, Sheridan Township, Calhoun County, Michigan. d. 4 September 2000 Kalamazoo, Michigan, age 72. Burial 9 September 2000. Block 121, Lot 108, Grave 108. Pg. 1181. Father: Joseph Shimkus. Mother: Maude E. Harris. Wife: Betty Jean Loomis. Married 7 August 1948, Angola, Indiana.
Shimkus, John Gary Leroy      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 4 May 1954. d. 29 November 1967, Albion. Age 13. Buried 2 December 1967. Block 121, Lot 106. Page 1181. Father: James F. Shimkus. Mother: Betty Jean Loomis.
Shimkus, John Joseph      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 30 October 1897 Erzvilkas, Lithuania. d. 30 March 1982 Albion. Burial 2 April 1982. Block 122, Lot 98, Grave 3. Page 1230. Father: Joseph Shimkus. Mother: Anna Spudville. Wife: Maude E. Harris. Married 12 April 1919 Marshall, Michigan. Came to U.S. 8 June 1913. Occupation: Coal miner.
Shimkus, Joseph      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 27 March 1877 Kaunas, Lithuania. d. 19 January 1954 Albion, Michigan. Burial 23 January 1954. Block 903, Lot 11, Grave 97. Page C-6. Father: Nicholas Shimkus. Mother: Mary Mitchell. Wife: Anna Spudville. Occupation: medical intern World War I with Russian Army in Poland. Kame to U.S. and Albion in 1928.
Shimkus, Maude Elizabeth      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: HARRIS. b. 30 June 1898 Sheridan Township, Calhoun County, Michigan. d. 10 March 1982 Albion, Michigan. 83 years. Burial 15 March 1982. Block 122, Lot 98, Grave 4. Page 1320. Father: James Harris. Mother: Amanda Spencer. Husband: John J. Shimkus. Married 12 April 1919, Marshall, Michigan.
Simaske, Vincas      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: [Simaskevicius] b. 6 April 1920, Minturai, Lithuania. d. 17 January 1992, Albion, Michigan. Burial 20 January, 1992. Block 915, Lot 13, Grave 173. Page C-30. Father: Joseph Simaskevicius. Mother: Elana Vutkevicius. Wife: Anna Wlochinski. Married 9 June, 1946, Beyruth, Germany. Occupation: Forman at Albion Malleable Iron Company.
Simaskie, Anthony      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: [Simaskevicius] b. 12 December 1948 Beyruth, Germany. d. 3 October 1979 Sheridan Township, Calhoun County Michigan, age 30 years. Block 915, Lot 13, Grave 75. Page C-30. Father: Vincas Simaskeviciu. Mother: Anna Wlochinski. Wife: Maria Juarez. Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam.
Tautkus, Ann Marie      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: Stillborn 9 April 1949. Burial 12 April 1949. Block 120, Lot 463, Grave 463. Father: Stanley Tautkus. Mother: Lucille Markovich.
Tautkus, Brenda Kay      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 31 December 1946 Albion. d. 2 January 1947, Albion, age 2 days. Burial 4 January 1947. Block 120, Log 464, Grave 464, page 1175. Father: Stanley Tautkus. Mother: Lucille Markovich.
Tautkus, Stanley      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: b. 31 October 1918, Cicero, Illinois. d. 21 March 1988, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Burial 24 March 1988. Block 120, Lot 464, Grave 464. Page 1175. Father: Clement “Mike” Tautkus. Mother: Barbara Vaisnora. Veteran of U.S. Army, World War II. Wife: Lucille Markovich. Married 2 November 1940, Albion.
Urbanowicz, Stanley B.      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: Born May 8, 1895 Lithuania. D. 5 September 1977, Wayne County, Michigan. Burial 7 September 1977. Block 907, Lot 12, Grave 44. Page C-14. Veteran of World War I, private. Wife: Victoria Bilicke. Married August 1935, Detroit, Michigan. Occupation: Butcher.
Urbanowicz, Victoria      Cemetery: Riverside
Inscription/Remarks: BILICKE. b. 1897. Cremains buried May 18, 1982. Block 907, Lot 12. Page C-14. 2nd husband: Stanley Urbanowicz.
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