St. Casimir Church of Worcester, MA
1920 Membership List

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The following record is a portion of the list of members of the St. Casimirs Lithuanian RC Church in
Worcester, MA. It was compiled from a commemorative booklet distributed by the church
and does not necessarily contain the names of every member of the church..

[The Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society is seeking addition data from Massachusetts.
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  • Maciene, Ona
  • Masilioniute, Antanina
  • Migauskai, Roze
  • Maciukonis, Motiejus
  • Matlauskai, Andrius/Ursule
  • Miklusis, Klemensas
  • Maciulaiciuke, Petrone
  • Matuleviciene, Rozalija
  • Miliauskas, Petras
  • Maciuliute, Aniele
  • Mazeika, Karolius
  • Milius, Domininkas
  • Maciulyte, A
  • Mazeika, Kasparas
  • Milius, Feliksas
  • Malakiute, Ona
  • Mazeika, Rapolas
  • Milius, Julius
  • Maleckiene, Anastazija
  • Maziukna, Antanas
  • Milius, Pius
  • Mancevicius, Stasys
  • Maziukna, Vincentas
  • Minciute, Salomeja
  • Mankauskas, Vincas
  • Melkunas, Stasys
  • Mitrikevicius, Jonas
  • Mankus, Pranas
  • Mesciunas, Jonas
  • Mocevicia, Adomas
  • Marcinkaite, Barbora
  • Meskauskiute, Ona
  • Monkevicius, Jonas
  • Marcinkiute, Bronislava
  • Meskinis, Feliksas
  • Monkevicius, Pranas
  • Marcinkus, Petras
  • Meskinis, Juozas
  • Montvila, Vincentas
  • Marcinkus, Pranas
  • Meskiniute, Leona
  • Morkunas, Pranas
  • Marciulionis, Petras
  • Mickevicius, Kazimieras
  • Morozas, Petras
  • Martinaitis, Julius
  • Migauskai, Tamas
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