Settlements of Lithuania
(Map of Counties and municipalities)

Compiled by: Jim Zuis
Website/Database/Map design by: Richard Gostautas

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The following map below was created to show the territory of Lithuania. Lithuania is divided into a total of 10 counties (apskritis-sing., apskritys-plural) and further divided into a total of 60 muncipalities (savivaldybė-sing., savivaldybės). Each county has been color coded for easy reference. The name of each county has been provided in the legend in the lower left corner of the map.Additionally, the boundaries of each municipality (in each county) is included. Municipalities are broken into 9 city municipalities, 43 district municipalities and 8 municipalities. Each municipality is further divided into over 500+ elderates (seniūnija-sing., seniūnijos-plural) but that listing is not included at this time.

This map is interactive and you can view the municipalities in each county by placing
your mouse pointer over the county of interest in the legend below.

In addition to this map, the information found in the following database was originally hosted on the website, "The Lithuanian Central Gate". This website contained general information about Lithuania, counties, districts and municipalities. However, in recent months, this website has gone down and no longer exisits. Thankfully, Jim Zuis and I (Richard) had backed up the information on this site and is presented here. If you have any problems using the map above or viewing the information in the database below, please contact me.

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