1927 : St. George, Graduation

St. George Graduation Class (1927)

Grammar School: Chicago, IL
Photo submitted by: Shirley (Pranaitis) Pietrowiak


This database lists the names of the St. George Graduation Class of 1927. In addition to the name of each child, the address of where they were living at the time along with their age, has also been provided. Currently, we need to match the names with the appropriate child in the picture. If you can assist in this effort, please contact us! The name of the children will be/are listed by row# (starting from the top) and position # (from left to right).

AleliunasPaul3332 S. Lowe Ave.11 1/2
AleliunasWalter2919 S. Emerald Ave.14-1/2
AndrijauskasWalter3417 S. Auburn Ave.1622
AstrauskasJohn935 W. 35th St.14
AstrauskasJoseph935 W. 35th St.12 1/2
AuksutisJohn3144 S. Lowe Ave.14-1/2
BakutisJoseph3247 S. Lime St.16
BalciusFrancis826 W. 34th St.15-1/219
BartusisWenceslaus3559 S. Morgan St.13-1/2
BurneikaPeter3262 S. Morgan St.14
BuzinskasBenedit3347 S. Auburn Ave.17
CiurasBronislaus3421 S. Emeral Ave.13-1/2
CiurasJohn3256 S. Wallace St.13-1/2
DanauskasJoseh634 W. 35th St.13
DruktenisJohn3347 S. Morgan St.14-1/2
GajauskisBruno3620 S. Lowe Ave.14-1/2
GrigaliunasEdward937 W. 35th Place12 1/2
GrybauskasEdward3314 S. Auburn Ave.14-1/2
Jonikas (Yonikas)Peter913 W. 32nd St.13-1/212
KatauskasAlex3326 S. Auburn Ave.14-1/2
KaunasAnthony930 W. 34th St.15-1/2
LakasJoseph3327 S. Morgan St.14-1/2
LesciauskasCasper3430 S. Morgan St.14
LipnickisWalter821 W. 34th St.15
LuikisWalter820 W. 35th Place14
MartinkusPeter921 W. 33rd St.13-1/2
PranaitisJohn915 W. 31st Place12 1/2
SeskauskasEdward3415 S. Emeral Ave.12 1/2
SlazasMichael3118 S. Wallace St.13-1/2
SmagurisDominic3348 S. Lowe Ave.13
SutkusJohn3751 S. Emeral Ave.15
TrucinskasJulius3759 S. Emeral Ave.13-1/2
TrumpulisAnthony938 W. 33rd St.15
UrbonasVincent942 W. 34th St.14-1/2
VaicaitisJoseph620 W. 35th St.13
VenskusEdward3314 S. Auburn Ave.14
VitkeviciusPeter939 W. 33rd St.15
YutelGeorge3347 S. Wallace St.14
AleksandraviciusAnna3331 S. Halsted St.13-1/2
AlesauskasPetronella2517 W. 39th Place16
AntanaviciusStella915 W. 32nd St.13
AukstaitisAnna3430 S. Morgan St.1312
BarcasAnna841 W. 34th St.16-1/2
GriciusAlbina3433 S. Emerald Ave.14
GrigonisNatlaie3227 S. Lowe Ave.13-1/2
GudaitisAntoinette3419 S. Lowe Ave.16-1/2
JanionisAnna3262 S. Morgan St.13-1/2
JanulisAnna3430 S. Morgan St.14
JotkusStephany917 W. 33rd St.13-1/2
JuodisHelen3600 S. Union Ave.14-1/2313
KairisElizabeth3258 S. Union Ave.14-1/2
KaranauakasHelen2901 W. 38th Place15-1/2
KineviciusAnn821 W. 33rd Place14
KodisAnna3316 S. Auburn Ave.16
KriksciunasAnna3223 S. Lime St.14-1/2
KumskisHelen3219 S. Auburn Ave.15
KupstisAnna3324 S. Halsted St.15
MielinasEstelle3404 S. Union Ave.12
MikenasEstelle3411 S. Auburn Ave.14-1/2
MisinskisJulia3326 S. Morgan St.12 1/2
NedvarasEstelle939 W. 33rd St.12 1/2
PeperasBarbara837 W. 34th St.13-1/2
PetkusElenora910 W. 32nds Place12
RekasisMargaret3300 S. Wallace St.15-1/215
SimkusEleanora3347 S. Auburn Ave.14
SteponisPetronella3210 S. Emerald Ave.15
TamasauskasHelen3157 S. Emerald Ave.14-1/2
TenzegolskisAnna820 W. 34th Place15
VaitekunasAntoinette3220 S. Lime St.12 1/2
VirsilaJoanna3200 S. Lime St.14-1/2
VitkeviciusVeronica939 W. 33rd St.13
ZelvisGladys3311 S. Auburn Ave.14-1/2
ZubreckasMary3443 S. Union Ave.14

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