1926 : St. Casimir

1st Communion Class, May 1926; St. Casimir School:Chicago, IL

Photo by: Shirley (Pranaitis) Pietrowiak


Bundzaite (Bundza)Antoinette M.34
Krusas (?)Father Michael24
ManelisCasimira Genevieve??

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Old postcard of the MotherHouse, Sister of St. Casimir Academy, 2601 West Marquette Road, Chicago.

Information written on the back of the postcard:
“The front entrance of this building is where the 1st Holy Communion picture was taken.
Across the street from the convent was the school with Grades 1 – 4, and at the Convent
Grades 5 – 8 and 4 years high school and 2 years Commercial school were held.

The school grew to 500 students and eventually got too small and Maria High
School was built on the west side of convent, boundaries are California Avenue,
67th, 68th Street, and Washtenaw. Maria High School has over 900 students now

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