Mt. Olivet R.C. Cemetery
Newark, NJ

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Mount Olivet R.C. Cemetery
220 Mount Olivet Ave
Newark, NJ 07114-2114 Phone: (973) 621-2220

Directions: Mt. Olivet can be reached by taking the New Jersey Turnpike (from the north or south) to exit
13A (NJ-81N) towards "Newark Airport/Elizabeth Seaport". After the exit, stay straight to go onto NJ-81N.
NJ-81N turns into US-1&9 (Follow signs). Take the ramp to the McClennan Street ramp (on right-hand
side). Stay right at the fork in the ramp and follow around to go onto McClennan. Take a right onto Mt.
Olivet Avenue.

This is currently only a partial listing of the headstones.

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathInscriptionPhoto ID
Alloncius, Bernice P.Jun-1919Sept-1993Mom886
Balaisius, Stella18971940890
Balaisius, Julius18921960890
Dirmeitis, John P.1925Husband880
Dirmeitis, Margaret P.19282004Wife880
Dirmeitis, Thomas P.19581977C/LT. COL. C.A.P.884
Dobrickas, Michael18871953885
Freitas, Joseph F.18851965895
Freitas, Mathilda18901949895
Gostautas, Josephine F.19151978909
Gostautas, Stanley A.19141983909
Grigaluis, Anton21-May-1942888
Josaitis, Veronica18961942909
Josaitis, Joseph18831964909
Kablis, Walter19071963Father883
Kablis, AliceMother883
Kasilionis, Joseph18881940892
Kasilionis, Anna18941958892
Lapinskas, Frank18801939907
Lapinskas, Agnes18891973907
Lenkevicius, Benjamin J.19111953903
Maluskevicius, John18651943Father902
Maluskevicius, Cecelia18731944Mother902
Maluskevicius, Ignatius19051972902
Pais, Alberto19401986Saudades
Palkovics, Paul18581940Father894
Palkovics, Elizabeth18671946Mother894
Papartis, Algis05-Aug-192803-May-64881
Pevonis, Joseph A.19061942908
Pevonis, ElizabethWife908
Pevonis, Louise18841952Mother908
Pevonis, Michael T.18801953Father908
Pevonis, Michael A.19131973Son908
Prazeres, Maria18971971877
Senkus, Vincent18811948Father898
Senkus, Elizabeth18911961Mother898
Shalunis, Andrew18741956904
Shalunis, Josephine18731966904
Simaitis, Evelyn M.19201939896
Subosits, Anna Maria19511966879
Talias, Caroline18991957Wife887
Talias, Albert18981975Husband887
Talias, Celestino18721940Father889
Talias, Antoinette18741946Mother889
Vitkauskis, August18771939Father897
Vitkauskis, Anna18801951Mother897
Waitkus, Frank18891963891
Waktoris, Antanas18871968878
Zemaitis, Margaret P.19211971Mother876
Zukauskas, Joseph18961964882
Zukauskas, Tessi18981971882
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