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The Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society is proud to present other societies dedicated to the collection and preservation of Lithuanian history and culture. The current list of societies collected/submitted to us are as follows:

The Society of Lithuanian Nobles
is the affiliate of in the United States of Lietuvos Bajoru Karaliskoji Sajunga (The Royal Society of Lithuanian Bajorai), which was founded in Vilnius on April 23, 1994 and incorporated in Lithuania as a non-profit organization. The LBKS is the legal successor of Lietuvos Bajoru Draugija (The Lithuanian Bajoru Society) which was active in Lithuania from 1928 to 1940.

The LBKS supports activities heightening interest in all aspects of the cultural and historical legacy of Lithuania, especially the period from ancient times to the dissolution of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. To further its aims, the LBKS holds regular meetings, organizes social events, public lectures, arranges tours to historical sites, and issues the annual journal Lietuvos Bajoras. The LBKS has recently published Lietuvos Bajoru Palikuoniai (The Descendants of Lithuania's Bajorai), a book about its current members, illustrated with their coats of arms.

Membership in the LBKS is open to men and women who are descended from the bajorai of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, having documented their ancestry to the satisfaction of the LBKS Legitimization Committee in Vilnius. At the present time about fifteen hundred persons have completed all requirements for full membership. The LBKS has chapters in the largest cities in Lithuania and an affiliate chapter in the United States.

The newly certified bajorai are formally admitted into the LBKS in a grand ceremony held annually in the Great Hall in the island castle of Trakai.

Application forms to join LBKS may be found by going to:

The currently makeup of LBK is as follows:

LBKS, Chairperson Undine Nasvytyte
LBKS, Chancellor Jonas Ragauskas
LBKS, Marshal of the Senate Donatas Baikštys