First Draft Army (WWI Draft)
Grand Rapids
, MI

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Click on the image for a larger view. WARNING: The image is approximately 2.5MB.The following database was compiled from a copy of the Grand Rapids Press of Grand Rapids Michigan on July 20 and July 21, 1917. Grand Rapids was responsible for supplying 204 soldiers by draft to fill its army quota of 1445 men. This number was relatively small as 1241 local boys had already enlisted. Each ward was responsible for supplying approximately 1/3 of the 204 soldiers. "It is sure therefore that all these named among the 1st hundred drawn are drafted and must go to war unless exempted later on. The expected exemption will render considerably more than the first hundred from this ward liable to service in the first draft army.

The names are given in the order in which the serial numbers were drawn. The 1st ward embraces all of the west side of Grand Rapids from the river to the western limits."

The order of the draws are listed as "1st Hundred, 2nd Hundred, 3rd Hundred, etc." In some cases, not all the draws have exactly 100 people as there were some duplications removed. However, the order listed in this database is the order in which the serial# of the draftee was drawn in each set and thus not in alphabetical order. To find a surname of interest, click on the letter of the first letter of the surname. You can return to the original listing by clicking on the link "Original View".

You can also click on the image above for a larger view of the paper. WARNING: This image is approximately 2.2MB and so make take longer to open for those on slower connections

NOTE: These listings are for the 1st Ward only.

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(Total Number of Records in Database: 48)

  • Andriuszis, Chas
    Serial#: 945
    Address: 1541 Hamilton
    Draw: 1st Hundred
  • Ackerman, Walter J
    Serial#: 1712
    Address: 1464 Fourth
    Draw: 7th Hundred
  • Afton, Henry
    Serial#: 1379
    Address: 1051 Front
    Draw: 13th Hundred
  • Alyea, Clinton H
    Serial#: 3067
    Address: 305 Straight
    Draw: 1st Hundred
  • Alutais, Peter
    Serial#: 944
    Address: 1214 Broadway
    Draw: 7th Hundred
  • Alkema, William
    Serial#: 150
    Address: 1242 W Leonard
    Draw: 13th Hundred
  • Arnold, Walter B
    Serial#: 3070
    Address: 816 Bowery
    Draw: 1st Hundred
  • Adomitis, Andyus
    Serial#: 939
    Address: 1120 Hamilton
    Draw: 7th Hundred
  • Aliksaitis, Joe
    Serial#: 4
    Address: 1541 Hamilton
    Draw: 13th Hundred
  • Anderson, Andrew J
    Serial#: 2099
    Address: 523 Pine
    Draw: 1st Hundred
  • Allan, Fred
    Serial#: 1715
    Address: 906 Fremont
    Draw: 7th Hundred
  • Austin, Frank L
    Serial#: 422
    Address: 804 Leonard
    Draw: 15th Hundred
  • Anthonisse, Richard
    Serial#: 420
    Address: 1314 Crosby
    Draw: 2nd Hundred
  • Antvelink, Ben
    Serial#: 950
    Address: 619 Leonard
    Draw: 8th Hundred
  • Allen , James E
    Serial#: 1380
    Address: 1114 Broadway
    Draw: 15th Hundred
  • Anderson, Axel E
    Serial#: 2479
    Address: 343 Second
    Draw: 2nd Hundred
  • Alkema, Henry J
    Serial#: 2476
    Address: 415 Sixth
    Draw: 8th Hundred
  • Antel, Emil J
    Serial#: 949
    Address: 1433 Hamilton
    Draw: 16th Hundred
  • Abbot, Charlie
    Serial#: 3620
    Address: 96 Dayton
    Draw: 3rd Hundred
  • Ambros, Louis
    Serial#: 3623
    Address: 400 Wealthy
    Draw: 10th Hundred
  • Adomaitis, John
    Serial#: 1
    Address: 1525 Quarry
    Draw: 16th Hundred
  • Anderson, Axel J
    Serial#: 2100
    Address: 963 Bridge
    Draw: 4th Hundred
  • Anderson, Gust A
    Serial#: 2480
    Address: 549 Broadway
    Draw: 11th Hundred
  • Andrakowicz, Tony
    Serial#: 2101
    Address: 817 Third
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Anderson, Sven H
    Serial#: 3325
    Address: 16 Ball Park
    Draw: 4th Hundred
  • Ackerman, Harry L
    Serial#: 2773
    Address: 656 Chatham
    Draw: 11th Hundred
  • Anderson, Herbert
    Serial#: 418
    Address: 905 Alpine
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Armour, Morris
    Serial#: 2778
    Address: 201 Mount Vernon
    Draw: 4th Hundred
  • Adrion, Walter M
    Serial#: 2096
    Address: 727 Bridge
    Draw: 11th Hundred
  • Ampuiski, John
    Serial#: 1717
    Address: 916 Springfield
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Appel, Louis
    Serial#: 5
    Address: 1854 Will
    Draw: 5th Hundred
  • Adrianse, Edward
    Serial#: 3622
    Address: 228 Fitz
    Draw: 11th Hundred
  • Anderson, Verner
    Serial#: 416
    Address: 833 Ninth
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Aksamitoski, Stanley
    Serial#: 1714
    Address: 812 Third
    Draw: 5th Hundred
  • Austin, Leo
    Serial#: 3628
    Address: 131 National
    Draw: 11th Hundred
  • Alcock, Lester
    Serial#: 3321
    Address: 8 Gold
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Arendsen, William
    Serial#: 2102
    Address: 553 Valley
    Draw: 6th Hundred
  • Appelquist, Gustaf A
    Serial#: 421
    Address: 1007 Jennette
    Draw: 12th Hundred
  • Antanaitis, Justin
    Serial#: 948
    Address: 1058 Elizabeth
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Augustactis, Joes
    Serial#: 6
    Address: 1524 Quarry
    Draw: 6th Hundred
  • Adomitis, Anthony
    Serial#: 940
    Address: 1120 Hamilton
    Draw: 12th Hundred
  • Anderson, Albert N
    Serial#: 3324
    Address: 16 Ball Park
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Averill, Levi S
    Serial#: 154
    Address: 947 Tamarack
    Draw: 6th Hundred
  • Allyn, Fred I
    Serial#: 3322
    Address: 79 Mount Vernon
    Draw: 12th Hundred
  • Andrzepewski, Chas M
    Serial#: 1719
    Address: 642 Sixth
    Draw: 17th Hundred
  • Ambrosiocwicz, Walter
    Serial#: 1716
    Address: 928 Springfield
    Draw: 6th Hundred
  • Arola, Carl
    Serial#: 1720
    Address: 638 Sixth
    Draw: 12th Hundred
  • Anderson, Herman
    Serial#: 151
    Address: 1123 Lincoln
    Draw: 18th Hundred
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