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The following database is an index of names that were found in either the Draguas or Naujienos Lithuanian Newspapers published in Chicago.

All of us realize the importance of obituary notices in newspapers. Obits may reveal spouse's names, maiden names, family member names, and in some cases the kaimas[town] of birth or even the parish name in Lithuania.

Draugas” (“The Friend”) is the only Lithuanian Daily that has been published abroad since July 25,1909 and is the oldest continuously published Lithuanian newspaper. Draugas is published daily (12 pages) except for Monday and Sunday. The Saturday issue runs 24 pages and includes a supplement on “Art, Literature, Science”.

The following database gives the names and the date the obit was published in either newspaper. Please note that not all of the listings are obituary notices. There are notices for the anniversary of the death and also a published thank-you from the family after the funeral. The notices primarily cover Chicago but notices from other states and from Lithuanian can also be found.

Current notices in Draugas cover the years from 1921-1935 and 1917-1918 for Naujienos. A sample of an obituary can be seen in the image on the right. Robin Neuman is willing to handle requests, and it may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete the lookups.

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