The Lithuanian Cemetery
West Frankfort, Illinois

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Frankfort Area Genealogical SocietyWest Frankfort, Illinois is located on Interstate 57 in Southern Illinois. It was a coal mining town for most of the 20th Century. The Lithuanian Cemetery is located south of West Frankfort off Highway 37. The Frankfort Area Genealogical Society has published listings of this and about 20 other Franklin County Cemeteries. They have given permission to post this Lithuanian listing on the Internet. The Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society is grateful to them for their generosity.

To visit the cemetery, take State Highway 37 to Woody Road, turn east about 1/2 mile, cross the railway tracks to Old Johnston City Road. The cemetery is on the southeast corner of this intersection. St. John's Catholic Cemetery is nearby and some Lithuanian names are listed here. It is not predominately Lithuanian.

If you have additional information regarding Lithuanian church, cemetery or census records for Illinois that are not already part of our database section, please contact us as we are always looking for new additions.

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Wadeski, Walter
Date of Birth: 11-Aug-1885
Date of Death: 03-Jul-1949
Wieman, George
Date of Birth: 1874
Date of Death: 1940
Erected by Local 1111
Winski, Anna
Date of Birth: 01-Apr-1881
Date of Death: 09-Jul-1944
Warnetski, Enoch
Date of Birth: 1872
Date of Death: 1938
Wiltrakis, Joe
Date of Birth: 10-Oct-1873
Date of Death: 15-Oct-1934
Devoted Husband and Father
Winsky, Joe
Date of Birth: 15-Sep-1881
Date of Death: 04-Jan-1951
Watnovage, Anna
Date of Birth: 27-Jul-1882
Date of Death: 07-Jul-1950
Wingas, Samoska
Date of Birth: 1887
Date of Death: 04-Oct-1917
Gimes Lietuvoi Paaina is Kauno Gub. Parapiyos Cekeske Kaimo Besmerciu
Witunskas, Petras
Date of Birth:
Date of Death: 02-Feb-1928
Listed as Patras: Allitaus Apekrico Punos Mestalo Wilenskos Gubernos 50 Matu Local Union, West Mein Number 329
Watnovage, Pete
Date of Birth: 09-May-1876
Date of Death: 26-May-1955
Winskas, Stanley
Date of Birth: 17-Jul-1909
Date of Death: 09-Aug-1923
Kuris Mire sulaukes Vos 14 Metu Amziaus jis, Gime, West Frankfort Ill.
Wyman, Mary
Date of Birth: 21-Aug-1890
Date of Death: 07-Dec-1920
Wife of Geo. Wyman
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