1920 Partial Census Records
St. Clair County, Illinois

Compiled by: Nichole Yakstis
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The following information in this database was compiled from the 1920
records for St. Clair county (Illinois) and include the names of those
who listed themselves as either being from Lithuania or Russia.
Additional information will be added to this database on a regular basis.

To use this database, click on the first letter of the last name of the person you are researching. Current
information includes Name, Age in 1920, Year of Birth, Place of Birth, Race, and City/Township.

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(Total Number of Records in Database: 5)

Recorded Name
Recorded Information
Name of City/Township
Idoll, John
Year of Birth: 1875
Age in 1920: 44
Place of Birth: Russia;Poland
Race: White
East St. Louis
Idom, Edward
Year of Birth: 1873
Age in 1920: 46
Place of Birth: Poland;Russia
Race: White
Ilganas, Tom
Year of Birth: 1872
Age in 1920: 47
Place of Birth: Russia
Race: White
East St. Louis
Imber, Jacob
Year of Birth: 1875
Age in 1920: 44
Place of Birth: Russia
Race: White
Isenburg, Nathan
Year of Birth:
Age in 1920: 33??
Place of Birth: Russia
Race: White
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