St. George Church
Chicago, IL
Golden Jubilee: 1892-1942

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The following database contains names of parishoners that participated in the St. George Golden Jubilee in 1942. Information is listed by the name, page number of entry, type of entry and the associated entry description. Requests for pictures from this book should be sent to Shirley at the email address above. Images can be sent by email or regular postal mail. (Picture at right: President of Lithuania, A. Smetonos, visits St. George Parish)

Three excerpts from Golden Jubilee Book have been included here. Click on the following links to see each excerpt (opens new window):

1) St. George Parish, Chicago, Illinois (Bridgeport Area)
2) St. George School
3)"They Came Here In A Covered Wagon", By Stanley Pieza Staff Writer of The Chicago Herald-American
4) Photos of St. George-set 1
5) Photos of St. George-set 2
6) Holy Name Society (Men Chorus), 1942
7) The Women's Choir, 1942

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Name of Parishoner(s)
Description of Entry
Yakutis, Peter
Type of entry: Name listed
Page Number: 37
Description: Parish member serving in Armed Forces
Yankee Food Products
Type of entry: Name Listed
Page Number: 108
Description: Jubilee Advertisement – Tavern Supplies, 4643 S. Halsted
Young Ladies’ Sodality of the BVM
Type of entry: Group Picture
Page Number: 40
Description: Names not provided - St. George Young Ladies Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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