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Name of Child: Surname of the Child, First Name of the Child
Baptismal Date: Day - Month - Year
Name(s) of Parents: First Name of the Father, Complete Name of Mother (maiden)
* In the event that the father's name was not recorded,
only the mother's name (maiden) will be listed.

For example: Using the first entry in the database below, the complete information
from this record would look like this:
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Name of Child: Clementas Algminavicze
Baptismal Date: December 22, 1905
Father's Name: Valerinas Algminavicze
Mother's Name (Maiden): Aniela Vaitkeviczaite
Name(s) of Godparents: Vincentas Szczepanowicz and Alexandra Dowjak

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Name of ChildName(s) of ParentsName(s) of Godparents
Algminavicze, Clementas
Baptismal Date:22-Dec-05
Valerianas, Aniela VaitkeviczaiteVincentas Szczepanowicz and Alexandra Dowjak
Algminavicze, Leopoldas
Baptismal Date:22-Dec-05
Valerianas, Aniela VaitkeviczaiteStanislovas Martinkus and Marijona Ostrowska
Andruszkevicze, Petronella
Baptismal Date:5-Jan-04
Adolphas, Anna GlobysThomas Klimas and Petronella Globaite
Andruszkevicze, Sophia
Baptismal Date:15-Oct-05
Adolphas, Anna GlobaiteJonas Globis and Agata Jasulaitiene
Antuszis, Sophia
Baptismal Date:25-Jun-05
Casimeras, Anna CharzowskaAmbrosias Liczkunas and Casimera Navickiene
Anuczauskis, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:22-May-04
Stanislovas, Eleonora MalickaStanislovas Sivickis and Theophila Marcinkiewicz
Armonas, Josepha
Baptismal Date:19-Mar-05
Jonas, Marciana ZabickisCarolas Petwizius and Victoria Damaszauskaite
Auszva, Antanas
Baptismal Date:18-Dec-04
Casimeras, Marijona NagaitikeJuozas Tamaszausnis and Anna Masliene
Auzbikis, Thecla
Baptismal Date:13-Aug-05
Antanas, Marijona NarbokaiteOnifrias Jusevicze and Marijona Lauraitiene
Bagdonas, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:11-Jun-05
Jonas, Konstanija LabanauskasAlexander Globavicze and Anatalia Sokaite
Bagdonas, Julija
Baptismal Date:22-Jan-05
Jonas, Tecla ZyckisVincentas Gavsztautas and Michalina Buhavewiczowna
Bajovinas, Zopija
Baptismal Date:24-Dec-04
Antanas, Anna EiczaiteVincentas Norkus and Marijona Eiczaite
Balczytis, Leonas
Baptismal Date:21-May-05
Petras, Elisabeth StonaiteJuozas Stonis and Marijona Mikalauskiene
Banevicze, Malvinas
Baptismal Date:16-Dec-05
Albertas, Marijona NavickaiteBenedictas Lukszas and Stanislava Navickaite
Banevicze, Stanislava
Baptismal Date:13-Nov-04
Eduardas, Marijona NavickaiteCasimeras Pilitauskis and Catharina Vanagaite
Banevicze, Steponas
Baptismal Date:5-Sep-04
Felicianas, Sophia LukoszeviczaiteMykolas Banevicze and Jozapata Baneviciene
Bartuszis, Cajetanas
Baptismal Date:20-Aug-05
Jonas, Anna SiedlinskaJonas Kulpszis and Marijona Ejcziene
Bartuszis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:8-Oct-05
Antanas, Marijona JokubauskaiteAntanas Balkauskis and Marijona Eicziene
Batavicze, Jonas
Baptismal Date:8-Jan-05
Vincentas, Sophia AbakaiteVincentas Dilinskis and Marijona Adomaiczaite
Beinor, Elena
Baptismal Date:29-Jan-05
Antanas, Rosalia PetrokaiteAntanas Jablonski and Francisca Bierzynska
Benieta, Domicella
Baptismal Date:10-Feb-06
Juozas, Anna JakubuzaiteJuozas Jucikas and Marijona Jucikiene
Bernotas, Antanas
Baptismal Date:18-Feb-06
Juozas, Antonina MakaraiteCasimeras Makaras and Marijona Einikaite
Bielinski, Reneta
Baptismal Date:20-Feb-05
Constanas, Zopija ZukowskaStanislovas Feiza and Elena Zukowska
Bielskis, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:9-Apr-05
Felicas, Veronica DiliauskisAdamas Szarauskis and Elena Czekanauskaite
Birbalas, Anna
Baptismal Date:27-May-05
Vincentas, Anna SzimkaiteAdamas Gutiska and Anna Vaczulaite
Bitvainis, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:20-Jan-06
Casimeras, Apolonia SederaviczeMykolas Jankauskis and Juliana Juciene
Bloza, Anna
Baptismal Date:2-Jul-05
Juozas, Elisabeth MaseliunaiteJuozas Vaigauskas and Anna Petrosziene
Bondzinski, Juozas
Baptismal Date:13-Nov-04
Antanas, Tecla JasasJonas Bukantis and Felicia Bielska
Brazauskis, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:25-Dec-04
Jurgis, Barbora BrazauskaiteCasimeras Balczius and Anna Balczaite
Brazauskis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:29-Oct-05
Franciskas, Anna VyszynskaiteConstantinas Vyszynska and Judyta Stulgiene
Buikis, Anna
Baptismal Date:19-Feb-05
Francisckas, Anna DargeviczeJonas Rimkas and Apolonia Rimkaite
Buividas, Marcellas
Baptismal Date:2-Nov-04
Ignacas, Agnieszka GedraiczikeAntanas Kasmauskis and Michalina Gedraitis
Butkevicze, Steponas
Baptismal Date:5-Feb-05
Steponas, Ludovica AtkoczaiteJuozas Klapatauskis and Petronella Zulcaite
Ceinorius, Franciskas
Baptismal Date:13-Jan-06
Antanas, Casimera NorbutaiteJonas Rupika and Angela Ceinovaite
Czesna, Armanas
Baptismal Date:31-Mar-05
Mikolas, Marijona SzeputisJonas Butkas and Joanna Czesnaite
Diktavicze, Aleksandras
Baptismal Date:17-Feb-06
Ludvicas, Alexandra VasiliauskaiteAleksandras Vasiliauskis and Veronica Prascevicze
Dobilas, Emilija
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Jurgis, Agata KinderaitePetras Javickas and Anna Brazauskaite
Dobilas, Rosalia
Baptismal Date:26-Feb-05
Mathias, Anna TvanauskaiteJonas Gosapavicze and Angela Mockiene
Dorsza, Stanislavas
Baptismal Date:9-Jul-05
Juozas, Barbara BartaszaitePetras Dorsza and Marijona Alkaczaitaite
Dowiatt, Antonina
Baptismal Date:22-May-05
Antanas, Aleksandra VaitkeviczeValerias Ugiminavicze and Amelia Ugminavicziene
Drakteinis, Leocadia Elizabetha
Baptismal Date:11-Jun-05
Stanislavas, Elisabetha LukoszaitePovylas Eidimtas and Leocadia Javickiene
Duchowicz, Petronella
Baptismal Date:5-Mar-05
Juozas, Elisabetha BuzulasFelix Genis and Petronella Kasparavczaite
Dunskis, Jonas
Baptismal Date:6-Aug-05
Juozas, Antanina DoveikaiteJonas Bitinas and Magdalena Lukszailiute
Dzieszulski, Antanas
Baptismal Date:7-Mar-05
Antanas, Antonina GudaviczeJurgis Kaminskis and Petronella Skeponaitiene
Einikis, Aleksandrija
Baptismal Date:6-Nov-04
Jonas, Elisabetha MakaraiteMykolas Rimeika and Marijona Mockaite
Einikis, Bronislovas
Baptismal Date:12-Mar-05
Hieromimo, Aleksandra NoreikaPetras Bartkus and Josepha Krencaite
Filipavicze, Julija
Baptismal Date:11-Sep-04
Leonas, Ursula SzernukaStanislavas Rucinskis and Antonina Bronoviczaite
Filipavicze, Juozas
Baptismal Date:19-Nov-05
Leonas, Ursula maiden name not recordedJonas Mockus and Anna Niedvariciene
Filipavicze, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:7-May-05
Vincentas, Elisabeth LiakaviczaiteCasimeras Tuvszkas and Bronislava Pocevicziene
Frakszelis, Bronislovas
Baptismal Date:17-Sep-05
Antanas, Aniela MockaiteConstantinas Frakszelis and Matilda Mockiene
Gadeliauskis, Jonas
Baptismal Date:2-Apr-05
Agathonas, Monica SimonaviczeFranciskas Audriejauskis and Anna Sekveckaite
Gagmin, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:8-Jul-05
Petras, Joanna MarcinkiewiczStanislavas Marcinkiewicz and Theophila Marcinkiewiczowa
Gaidemowicz, Stanislavas
Baptismal Date:17-Jul-04
Ladislas, Stanislava BridvidaiteAntanas Kasmauskis and Agatha Kasmauskiene
Gairauskis, Franciskus
Baptismal Date:17-Jul-04
Juozas, Petronella JonikaiteCasimeras Mikalauskis and Anna Mockaite
Galinskis, Simonas
Baptismal Date:12-Feb-05
Simonas, Barbora BukaiteJulias Galinskis and Elizabeth Drakteimiene
Gapszewicz, Vaclovas
Baptismal Date:17-Sep-05
Casimeras, Ladislava KuczewskaBenedictas Ortrowski and Josepha Szemetowska
Gapszewicz, Victoria
Baptismal Date:28-Aug-04
Casimeras, Ladisla KucrewskaMartinas Peczulis and Antonina Gapszewicz
Gedraitis, Benedictas
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Dominicas, Michalina TeiszerskaJonas Bastis and Sophia Teiszerska
Gedvimas, Petronella
Baptismal Date:25-May-05
Antanas, Martha RaczinskaAntanas Andriejauskis and Angela Liczkiene
Giaczas, Anastasia
Baptismal Date:9-Aug-04
Jurgis, Agnieska JonikaiteJurgis Moteris and Agatha Kinderaite
Giaczas, Juozas
Baptismal Date:31-Jul-04
Jonas, Ursula AuszraiteJuozas Gajauskis and Anna Bagdoniene
Giaczas, Juozas
Baptismal Date:24-Dec-05
Juozas, Anna KnapkaiteCasimeras Kaminskis and Marijona Pukeliene
Giatautas, Juozas
Baptismal Date:26-Feb-05
Petras, Amelija AdomaitisFranciskas Liczkas and Petronella Gasparowicz
Glavdalevicze, Marijona
Baptismal Date:17-Sep-05
Jonas, Anna BrozinskaJonas Laucinas and Michalina Guzka
Graiczunas, Andrius
Baptismal Date:22-Nov-05
Andrius, Ursula Eugenia VarankoRev. V. Matulaitis and Josepha Syrwid
Grzybowski, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:26-Feb-05
Romanas, Anna CzerniewskaJuozas Czerniewski and Antonina Misiewicz
Jancevicze, Anna
Baptismal Date:7-Jan-06
Jonas, Petronella MalakauskaiteCasimeras Vitkus and Carolina Dzieszulska
Janczauskis, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:1-Oct-05
Adamas, Elisabeth UszinskaiteTomas Kalveitis and Johanna Jasulaitiene
Jankauskis, Cecilija
Baptismal Date:12-Mar-05
Mikolas, Franciska BlazeviczeSimonas Petrauskis and Adele Jankauskiene
Jankauskis, Jonas
Baptismal Date:5-Jun-05
Domicella Jankauskis, father not recordedVincentas Jeraninas and Catharina Virnauskiene
Jankauskis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:14-Jan-06
Ladislovas, Marijona GaidjurgisBenedictas Karenauskis and Maricella Gaidjugaite
Januszkevicze, Jonas
Baptismal Date:18-Jun-05
Carelas, Veronica RamoszkaJustinas Ramoszka and Domicella Mikalauskaite
Jasaitis, Antonina
Baptismal Date:17-Apr-04
Franciskas, Domicella JuzaitaiteJuozas Lawrynavicze and Ursula Jasulavicze
Jaszka, Anna
Baptismal Date:13-Aug-05
Jokubas, Anna KlumbaiteJuozas Sudzuis and Emilija Klumbaite
Jenkiewicz, Antanas
Baptismal Date:21-Aug-04
Felicianas, Leocadia MaskiewiczIgnatius Petkiewicz and Michalina Guzny
Jereckis, Bronislovas
Baptismal Date:5-Mar-05
Antanas, Veronica MontrymowiczFranciskas Sadzewicze and Casmira Przyczynowska
Jeserski (Ezerskis), Marijona
Baptismal Date:17-Dec-04
Antanas, Marijona KasmuchaCasimeras Ezerskis and Martha Barskowiak
Jocis, Elisabeth
Baptismal Date:16-Jul-04
Vincentas, Marianne KavaliauskaitePetras Bartkus and Catharine Jokulaitiene
Jogminas, Anna
Baptismal Date:4-Aug-04
Petras, Johanna MartinkaiteStanislavas Radzevicze and Anna Ruzgiene
Jonikas, Bronislavas
Baptismal Date:20-Aug-05
Jonas, Heva SakalauskaiteAntanas Gailius and Anna Bardauskaite
Jucevicze, Onufrias
Baptismal Date:10-Sep-05
Onufrias, Josepha KurlinkaiteJurgis Uksas and Marijona Erczaite
Juchnevicz, Ladislaw
Baptismal Date:14-Aug-04
Vincentas, Domicella RadzewiczJuozas Rynkevicz and Franciska Blinstrub
Juchnevicze, Regina
Baptismal Date:1-Jan-05
Petras, Julija GalkowskaMykolas Vasilkevicze and Heva Vasilkevicziene
Jucikas, Marijona
Baptismal Date:9-Apr-05
Nicodemas, Marjiona PiczaJuozas Karbauskis and Marijona Einikaite
Jucis, Ludovica
Baptismal Date:3-Sep-05
Vincentas, Marijona KavalianskaitePetras Rudis and Marijona Jokuzaite
Judzentis, Marijona
Baptismal Date:27-Aug-05
Simonas, Anna DragunaitePetras Lukoczius and Johanna Gedutaite
Juknevicze, Amelija
Baptismal Date:6-Oct-05
Vincentas, Domicella RadzeviczaiteJonas Vaiczulis and Marijona Mikalauskiene
Juraszka, Cleopha
Baptismal Date:2-Apr-05
Dominykas, Cecilija KlumbisNicodemas Uginczius and Juliana Giaczaite
Jurgilas, Juozas
Baptismal Date:9-Oct-04
Juozas, Marijona FurauskaiteCasimeras Jucius and Konstancija Narkeviciene
Kanapackis, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:4-Dec-04
Stanislovas, Anna MacasStanislovas Giasztautas and Elisabeth Kavzauskaite
Kangailas, Vaclovas
Baptismal Date:30-Jul-05
Augustas, Marijona MarozikeJurgis Yucikas and Cecilija Maroziene
Karbauskis, Josepha
Baptismal Date:29-Mar-05
Jonas, Anna BartuszasPetras Kazmauskis and Marijona Bartuszas
Karbauskis, Vincentas
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Vincentas, Sophia KoreivoJonas Paczkowski and Theophila Marcinkiewicz
Karponas, Jonas
Baptismal Date:17-Sep-05
Juozas, Amelija DalineviczeStanislovas Karponas and Antonina Vaitkevicziene
Karzauskis, Rosalija
Baptismal Date:24-Sep-04
Juozas, Heva LozaJonas Dantaras and Barbara Zulcaite
Kasiliauskis, Anna
Baptismal Date:1-Jan-06
Casimeras, Anna MarozaiteAmbrosias Liczkus and Anna Venekaite
Kasmauskis, Josepha
Baptismal Date:19-Mar-05
Juozas, Amelia MikutaiteAntanas Mikutis and Theophila Mareinkiewicz
Kaszinskis, Alfredas
Baptismal Date:10-Dec-05
Juozas, Elena PaliuszisIgnatas Kaczubarskis and Rosalia Riedecka
Katauskis, Jonas
Baptismal Date:25-May-05
Augustas, Veronica GotaukasAntanas Gotaukas and Anna Zarambaite
Kazakaitis, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:26-Feb-05
Jurgis, Anna MorkunasNicodemas Sadauskis and Catharina Niedvaniene
Kazlauskis, Antanas
Baptismal Date:1-May-04
Antanas, Heva (Petronella) KasmauskaiteStanislovas Marcinkevicze and Anna Siminiene
Klimas, Elena
Baptismal Date:1-Nov-04
Juozas, Anna GaioleAntanas Klimas and Konstancija Augustymiak
Klimas, Sophia
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Thomas, Petronella GlobaiteFranciskas Klimas and Agnieska Liteikaite
Koncevicze, Constantinas
Baptismal Date:21-Jul-05
Constantinas, Julianija LaczkauskaiteAntanas Erzerski and Domicella Szauliene
Kriksciunas, Ignacas
Baptismal Date:2-Aug-04
Petras, Casimira PranckaiteVincentas Dobrowolskis and Angela Pranckaite
Krikszeziunas, Anna
Baptismal Date:14-Jan-06
Petras, Casimera PranckaitePetras Petraitis and Angela Pranckunaite
Krusza, Jonas
Baptismal Date:6-Aug-05
Jonas, Franciska JudeikaiteJonas Baltulis and Amielija Judeikaite
Krzyzewicz, Jonas
Baptismal Date:25-Jun-05
Juozas, Tiela FrelkaCasimeras Krzyewicz and Josepha Czakurska
Kuizinas, Anna
Baptismal Date:27-May-05
Juozas, Heva KurpaiteJuozas Kesbulis and Petronella Szleiteraite
Kundrotas, Jonas
Baptismal Date:2-Jul-05
Jonas, Juliana LeszinskaiteVincentas Naujokas and Marijona Savickaite
Kurbauskis, Anna
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Juozas, Josepha StrainaiteIgnotas Strainas and Anna Kasputike
Kurmevicze, Victoria
Baptismal Date:18-Jun-05
Jonas, Stanislava RaminauskaiteLudovicas Vielowicze and Stanislava Norvaisziene
Kuszlejko, Eduardas
Baptismal Date:29-Nov-05
Juozas, Marijona SierlinskaJonas Szetunas and Lutgarda Daukintaite
Labanauskis, Antonina
Baptismal Date:8-Oct-05
Juozas, Michalina JaksztaiteMarc Paszkiewicz and Cecilija Klimavicziene
Laskauskas, Elena
Baptismal Date:16-Oct-04
Jonas, Petronella BagdanaviczeAntanas Samuszis and Anna Vasitkiene
Latakauskis, Anna
Baptismal Date:26-Nov-04
Thomas, Domicella GedmintaiteMykolas Rimeika and Anna Bagdoniene
Latakauskis, Anna
Baptismal Date:26-Nov-04
Tamas, Domicela GedmintaiteMikolas Rimsika and Konstancija Bagdoniene
Lauvinavicze, Stephanija
Baptismal Date:1-Jan-05
Vincentas, Anna SzimkaiteCasimeras Navickis and Antonina Norkaite
Lavrinavicze, Steponas
Baptismal Date:22-Aug-04
Casimeras, Jozapata VitkaiteAntanas Kosmauskis and Jozapata Kvencaite
Lazdunaite, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:10-Jan-05
Tecla LazdunaiteJonas Maliszewski and Marijona Pintvaraite
Levickis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:28-May-05
Juozas, Marijona CzirskisVincentas Kleinas and Marijona Mockaite
Levickis, Magdalena
Baptismal Date:25-Feb-06
Jonas, Rosalia VitkaiteJokubas Siesiekis and Alexandra Joncziene
Liakavicze, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:30-Jul-05
Franciskas, Marijona NovakStanislovas Szymkiewicz and Anna Novakowa
Liubiszius, Jonas
Baptismal Date:7-Jan-06
Stanislovas, Victoria GrinaveckaiteAntanas Miliauskis and Marijona Szimkiene
Liubiszius, Stanislavas
Baptismal Date:28-Aug-04
Stanislavas, Victoria GrinaveckaiteVincentas Gasulaitis and Agatha Bandzimke
Liulis, Antanas
Baptismal Date:29-Jan-05
Antanas, Anna DragunasMartinas Naujokas and Cacelia Regelska
Liulis, Antonina
Baptismal Date:29-Jan-06
Antanas, Barbora DragunaiteVincentas Zvingauskis and Anna Buikiene
Macas, Antanas
Baptismal Date:17-Feb-06
Antanas, Ursula BiliunikeAntanas Jurginas and Marijona Paulikaite
Mackevicze, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:28-Jan-06
Stanislovas, Josepha BuividDomincas Cjapszewicz and Constantinija Augustyniak
Makaras, Anna
Baptismal Date:23-Oct-05
Jonas, Josepha CyparickeJonas Bartaszevicze and Agniesca Szedbariene
Marcinkevicze, Stanislavas
Baptismal Date:13-Nov-04
Hieronimo, Marijona MasilionisStanislavs Marcinkevicze and Stefanija Matutiene
Marozas, Julija
Baptismal Date:25-Feb-06
Julianas, Thecla VaiczutisJonas Masiulauskas and Ludovica Girdvoinaite
Marozas, Ludovica
Baptismal Date:13-Jan-06
Antanas, Cecilija BridzikaiteVaclas Marozas and Marijona Savickaite
Martinkus, Anna
Baptismal Date:6-May-05
Mathias, Petronella GuidaiteVincentas Birbakas and Konstanija Narkevicziene
Martinkus, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:15-Apr-05
Stanislovas, Josepha SzimkaiteJurgis Uksa and Pula Zudickiene
Martinkus, Juozas
Baptismal Date:12-Nov-05
Juozas, Petronella SzetkaiteJuozas Kairis and Anna Urbutike
Martinkus, Sophia
Baptismal Date:7-Nov-04
Juozas, Juliana ZukaiteCasimeras Marcinkevicze and Marijona Navickiene
Maurius, Antonina
Baptismal Date:10-Sep-05
Petras, Elisabeth BlinstrubaiteAleksandras Maurius and Marijona Blinstrubiene
Mazeikis, Romanas
Baptismal Date:20-May-05
Juozas, Tela LevickaiteStanislovas Turauskas and Justina Levickaite
Mazvimas, Benedictas
Baptismal Date:14-Jan-06
Juozas, Anna RimkaiteRafael Rimkus and Antonina Cjapszawicz
Mieszkeviczius, Bronislavas
Baptismal Date:11-Jun-05
Vincentas, Agnieska BalcziunasJonas Krumas and Josepha Ivierzbieska
Mikalauskis, Bronislavas
Baptismal Date:30-Oct-04
Victor, Elena JureviczaiteMartinas Pozerecki and Marijona Mikalauskiene
Miknius, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:22-Mar-05
Aleksandar, Anna KasmauskaiteJuozas Szarka and Cecilija Klimiene
Miknius, Franciskas
Baptismal Date:25-Feb-06
Aleksandras, Anna VitkaiteJonas Jirsztaukas and Marijona Mazeikiene
Milaszewicz, Vincentas
Baptismal Date:23-Oct-04
Vincentas, Aniela NiwaAntanas Bierzynski and Anna Milaszewicz
Milius, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:26-Feb-05
Juozas, Anna PociusJuozas Pocius and Josepha Mikalauskaite
Miszeikis, Antanas
Baptismal Date:22-Nov-04
Nicodemas, Marijona SzikszniusCasimeras Szerpitis and Valeria Skalisziene
Mockus, Antonina
Baptismal Date:5-Nov-05
Antanas, Aniela EisinaiteJonas Zalba and Juliana Mockaite
Morozoff, Aleksandras
Baptismal Date:18-Feb-05
Clementas, Theophila VilkauskaStanislovas Varanauskis and Josepha Szatuniene
Narkevicze, Juozas
Baptismal Date:31-Jan-06
Antanas, Konstancija VaitkeviczikeAleksandras Limont and Sophia Banevicziene
Narvoisz, Stephanija
Baptismal Date:27-Aug-05
Justinas, Rosa GungalaJonas Przebylo and Agata Bak
Naujokas, Jurgis
Baptismal Date:18-Nov-05
Simonas, Elisabeth GivolikeMatthias Drdziulis and Elisabeth Augustaitiene
Navicki, Stephanija
Baptismal Date:1-Jan-05
Leonardas, Theodora AleksandraviczeAntanas Petrokas and Anna Tamaszauskiene
Navicki, Zopija
Baptismal Date:5-Mar-05
Benedictas, Emilia ArszanskaiteVincentas Rimkus and Marijona Navickaite
Navickis, Anna
Baptismal Date:29-Aug-05
Aleksandras, Amelija CzesnokaiteFranciskas Syreika and Petronella Sliesoraitiene
Niedvaras, Anna
Baptismal Date:18-Dec-04
Petras, Catharina BriedaiczeBenediktas Palionis and Agatha Niedvariene
Niedvaras, Antanas
Baptismal Date:25-Feb-06
Petras, Catharina BriedaiczeCasimeras Niedvaras and Anastasia Valskaite
Norkevicze, Juozas
Baptismal Date:20-Aug-05
Juozas, Anna GedminaiteJuozas Bukias and Petronella Kasparaviczike
Novickis, Elena
Baptismal Date:25-Feb-06
Jonas, Casimera VaitkeviczaiteFelix Novickis and Anna Antusziene
Nowogrodski, Elena
Baptismal Date:5-Mar-05
Boleslas, Anna BohuszAntanas Skowski and Helena Poduginska
Okotskis, Steponas
Baptismal Date:1-Jan-06
Petras, Stephania VismontaiteFelix Vismontas and Teresa Similiene
Ozeberkis, Marciana
Baptismal Date:5-Nov-05
Franciskas, Petronella MitkeraiteJuozas Petroszius and Elena Szniaukeztiene
Oziberkis, Anastasia
Baptismal Date:22-Aug-04
Franciskus, Petronella MilkeraiteJuozas Sandoras and Jozapata Jucevicziene
Pacevicze, Franciskas
Baptismal Date:25-Dec-04
Juozas, ElisabethaAntanas Ambrozaitis and Agatha Kazlauskiene
Pankauskis, Petras
Baptismal Date:28-Jun-05
Juozas, Barbora KruszaiteCasimeras Pankauskis and Anna Puleikaite
Paszkiewicz, Ceslas
Baptismal Date:3-Dec-05
Stanislovas, Michalina BuharewiczJonas Bartkewicze and Sophia Teiszerska
Paulauskis, Stanislova
Baptismal Date:22-Jan-06
Juozas, Antanina MikutaitePetras Jouelis and Marijona Preikszaite
Paulius, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:2-Apr-05
Jurgis, Camilla SzametulskaFranciskas Saunorius and Josepha Jakszevicziene
Petkaite/Petkus, Valerianas
Baptismal Date:18-Sep-04
Barbara PetkaiteVincentas Sakalauskis and Anna Petkiene
Petraitis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:5-Jun-04
Juozas, Rosalia BudvitaiteMikolas Rusgis and Anna Gosztantaite
Petraszevicze, Stanislava
Baptismal Date:11-Jun-05
Stanislavas, Casimera VilkauksaConstantinas Dackevicze and Vincenta Petraszevicziene
Petrauskis, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:24-Sep-05
Adamas, Elisabeth ZukauskaiteCasimeras Zukauskis and Thecla Pupsztiene
Petraviczus, Marijona
Baptismal Date:10-Dec-05
Vincentas, Franciska SzetkusJuozas Petraviczius and Anna Szetkaite
Petrikas, Marijona
Baptismal Date:6-May-05
Antanas, Marijona VaitiekaiteJuozas Ramauskas and Josepha Vaitiekaite
Petrokas, Antonina
Baptismal Date:26-Jun-05
Silvestras, Catharina BrazauskaiteAntanas Kacziskas and Anna Kataviene
Petrokas, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:9-Dec-04
Antanas, Barbora BeinarVictor Budo and Uma Bievzinska
Petrokas, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:17-Sep-05
Antanas, Petronella GazapaviczaitePetras Uselis and Marijona Pindvaraite
Petroszevicze, Juozas
Baptismal Date:22-May-04
Carolas, Paulina RaudonaiteAntanas Klianauskis and Bronislava Valincziene
Petroszevicze, Mikolas
Baptismal Date:10-Apr-04
Mikolas, Heva PatapaviczaiteSteponas Marczauskis and Matylda Mockiene
Petroszevicze, Mikolas
Baptismal Date:10-Jun-05
Carolas, Paulina RaudonaiteMikolas Petroszevicze and Franciska Strumiliene
Petroszius, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:10-Oct-05
Jonas, Marijona RimkaiteJuozas Visockis and Salome Viseckiene
Petruszaitis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:26-Mar-05
Casimeras, Marijona SzymkusJonas Vabalavicze and Anna Norkaitis
Pilitauskis, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:8-Oct-04
Petras, Jozapata SzymkiewiczAntanas Petrokas and Bronislava Szymkiewicz
Pocevicze, Mykolas
Baptismal Date:28-May-05
Antanas, Anna PoceviczeJonas Kalvaitis and Marijona Bartusziviczike
Pocevicze, Sophia
Baptismal Date:6-Jul-04
Juozas, Theodora GalkauskaVincentas Pocevicze and Sophia Feiszerska
Pocius, Jonas
Baptismal Date:29-Oct-05
Juozas, Theodora GalkauskaiteJonas Narbukas and Juliana Bielskaite
Pokszta, Juozas
Baptismal Date:12-Aug-05
Petras, Thecla JuszkaiteCasimeras Juszka and Konstanija Volskiene
Polubinski, Boleslovas
Baptismal Date:11-Feb-06
Aleksandras, Amelija UlinskaMartinas Peczukis and Stanislova Brazauskaite
Poszka, Casperas
Baptismal Date:15-May-04
Casparas, Veronica GvimaiteJuozas Szimkus and Aniela Gonikaite
Poszka, Elena
Baptismal Date:12-Mar-05
Juozas, Marijona MalcaitePetras Lekoszius and Cecilija Ragelska; Onafrius Jucevicze and Anna Zarambaite
Pruszynski, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:5-Jul-05
Mathias, Teresia YuchnowiczJonas Sratunas and Amelija Liczkiniene
Pukelis, Franciskus
Baptismal Date:6-Nov-04
Franciskus, Johanna KaslauskasAugustas Trijonis and Josepha Zamaite
Puszczius, Antanas
Baptismal Date:24-Sep-05
Martynas, Martha PalapaiteVincentas Jucis and Ludovica Vaiczkiene
Ragauskis, Stanislava
Baptismal Date:28-Oct-05
Jurgis, Barbara JanczauskaiteFranciskas Nickvasas and Josepha Szemebulska
Ramonas, Stanislova
Baptismal Date:28-Mar-05
Antanas, Marijona BakucziteStanislovas Ramonas and Rosalia Vitkiene
Randis, Anastasia
Baptismal Date:17-Oct-05
Mathias, Anna KreivienikeJonas Randis and Anastasia Randiene
Randis, Jurgis
Baptismal Date:3-Sep-05
Jonas, Anastasia VitkeviczaiteJurgis Luczauskis and Sophia Szatuniene
Raszinskis, Josepha
Baptismal Date:9-Apr-05
Petras, Anna SzemetulskaJuozas Raszinskis and Josepha Szemetulska
Raszynskaite, Anna
Baptismal Date:19-Aug-05
Casimera RaszynskaiteZacharias Vanszis and Marijona Dervinskiene
Raubeckis, Franciskas
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Povylas, Anna FrijonaiteApolinaris Szaldmieras and Josepha Grynevoekaite
Rimgaila, Michalina
Baptismal Date:18-Jun-05
Antanas, Marcellina BudreckaiteTomas Janavieczas and Anna Narkevicziene
Rimkus, Ludovica
Baptismal Date:7-Oct-05
Vincentas, Ursula ValskaiteVincentas Petrawicz and Ludovica Valskaite
Rumszas, Anastasia
Baptismal Date:21-Jan-06
Casimeras, Veronica KulpertaiteL. Cjintvainas and Agnieska Cjiacziene
Rumszas, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:20-Nov-04
Casimeras, Veronica KalfertaitePetras Kalfertas and Ludovica Mockiene
Rusteika, Juozas
Baptismal Date:26-Mar-05
Juozas, Heva MarcijonaiteCasimeras Szveikauskis and Marijona Rusteika
Ruzgis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:14-Jan-06
Mykolas, Anna JagminaiteJonas Elioszius and Heva Ratzeneziene
Sadauskas, Zopija
Baptismal Date:7-May-05
Antanas, Marijona RadzeviczeJuozas Sadauskas and Heva Radzeviczaite
Sadauskis, Valerija
Baptismal Date:17-Sep-05
Povylas, Apolonia PetkiewiczLadovicas Varanauckas and Thecla Bondzinskiene
Sandaras, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:26-Mar-05
Juozas, Domicella JucikasJuozas Rungis and Anna Sandarkaite
Santockis, Marijona
Baptismal Date:23-Aug-04
Mathias, Agnieska PaplauskasCasimeras Paplauskis and Heva Baltrukomiene
Sienkeviczius, Anna
Baptismal Date:29-Oct-05
Vincentas, Gertruda VirbickaiteJurgis Akuneviczius and Anna Virbickaite
Sireikis, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:24-Sep-05
Juozas, Justina BielskaJuozas Sireikis and Anna Antusziene
Skaliszuis, Marijona
Baptismal Date:19-Nov-05
Juozas, Catharina JuraszkaiteJuozas Narbukas and Antonina Giaczaite
Skinder, Hedviga
Baptismal Date:5-Oct-05
Julijonas, Elisabeth MosiejownaLeo Bartkiewicz and Rosa Nawlicka
Sliesoraitis, Vincentas
Baptismal Date:10-Jul-04
Petras, Petronella KlioraiteVincentas Sliesoraitis and Antonina Broinska
Sluczinskis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:10-Dec-05
Antanas, Magdalena KaminskaStanislovas Sluezinskis and Anna Karbauskiene
Sokas, Jonas
Baptismal Date:14-May-05
Casimeras, Domicella NiedvarasJuozas Varanauskas and Anna Niedvariene
Stasiulis, Petras
Baptismal Date:17-Dec-05
Juozas, Agnieska GirczaiteVincentas Stasiulis and Anna Sekrekaite
Stromskis, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:23-Jul-05
Adamas, Anna BalczaiteThaddeus Petkus and Anna Ramonaite
Stulga, Anna
Baptismal Date:8-Oct-05
Juozas, Barbora RimkaiteAntanas Stulga and Anna Stulgaite
Stulga, Juozas
Baptismal Date:13-Jun-05
Casimeras, Judita CzuzauskaiteJuozas Stulga and Casimera Vareckiene
Sturonas, Aleksandra
Baptismal Date:29-Oct-05
Antanas, Marijona MikalauskaiteJonas Kasmauskis and Marijona Merkelaite
Surname not recorded\, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:5-Jan-04
Casimeras, Petronella maiden name not recordedStanislovas Turauskis and Theodora Navickiene
Swiatlauskis, Vandam Anna
Baptismal Date:20-Nov-04
Jonas, Antonina MarkunasPaulius Maliszauskis and Anna Markunaite
Szarka, Franciskas
Baptismal Date:10-Sep-05
Juozas, Agata JucaiteJonas Jonuszas and Elena Szmiankstiene
Szarka, Petras
Baptismal Date:24-Dec-05
Petras, Domicella KaniauskaiteJuozas Kaniauskis and Juliana Jaczaite
Szatunas, Anna
Baptismal Date:24-Jul-04
Casimeras, Anna RadavicaiteJonas Szatunas and Stanislava Szymkevicziene
Szeputis, Elisabeth
Baptismal Date:20-May-05
Antanas, Marijona SzetkaiteAntanas Szetkus and Agnieska Valskiene
Szeputis, Jonas
Baptismal Date:31-Dec-05
Nicodemas, Domicella UrbonaiteFranciskas Jiaczas and Josepha Jucevicziene
Szeputis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:13-Nov-04
Nicodemas, Domicela UrbonasJuozas Ererskis and Marijona Pintveraite
Sziandvidis, Petras
Baptismal Date:4-Sep-05
Mathias, Joanna SzliozisMykolas Szpeczkanskis and Marijona Lukocziene
Szimkevicze, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:28-May-05
Franciskas, Ursula VarnagaiteCasimeras Urbaitis and Stanislava Brazauskaite
Szimkevicze, Theodoras
Baptismal Date:15-May-04
Hilario, Anastasia MiszeikaiteFelicianas Banevicze and Josepha Szatuniene
Szirvaitis, Julia
Baptismal Date:10-Nov-04
Andres, Anna ValanczuteFranciskus Novkevicze and Konstancija Novkevicziene
Szliapavicze, Franciskas
Baptismal Date:16-Oct-04
Juozas, Paulina ZobielaFranciskas Juszkevicze and Ursula Turauskaite
Szlimas, Stanislovas
Baptismal Date:21-Jan-06
Antanas, Alexandra DainauskaitePetras Juska and Ursula Szlimincaite
Szniaukszta, Barbora
Baptismal Date:31-Mar-05
Juozas, Elena UselisFranciskas Szmiaukska and Barbara Uselaite
Szuris, Franciskus
Baptismal Date:9-Oct-04
Franciskus, Magdalena RumszaFranciskus Liankartas and Ursula Jakavicziene
Szymkevicze, Juozas
Baptismal Date:30-Sep-05
Hilaras, Anastasia MiszeikoLadislovas Tomkiewicz and Pelagia Magowska
Tamoszaitis, Mykolas
Baptismal Date:26-Nov-05
Adomas, Marijona BardauskaiteHippolitas Weiss and Anna Bardauskaite
Vaiczkus, Juozas
Baptismal Date:26-Mar-05
Franciskas, Ludovica AntoszusJuozas Giasztautas and Elisabeth Charzewska
Vaitiekaitis, Petras
Baptismal Date:28-May-05
Juozas, Marijona BartuszisJurgis Cyralowskis and Marijona Eicziene
Vaitkevicze, Bronislava
Baptismal Date:24-Dec-05
Griegoras, Antonina AndriyauskaiteJonas Bakwicze and Stanislava Brazauskaite
Vaitkus, Amelija
Baptismal Date:7-Sep-04
Antanas, Ursula KarpinaiteJuozas Bartkevicze and Ursula Bartkevicziene
Vaitkus, Hedviga
Baptismal Date:16-Apr-05
Petras, Barbora NorbutaiteAntanas Jonaitis and Stanislova Rasputaite
Valskis, Juozas
Baptismal Date:20-Nov-04
Juozas, Agnieska RukauskasFranciskus Bukauskis and Rosa Graiczius
Varanius, Jurgis
Baptismal Date:7-May-05
Casimeras, Agnieska KazlauskaiteJuozas Varanius and Petronella Budrikaite
Vasilkevicze, Jonas
Baptismal Date:8-Jan-05
Jonas, Barbora Praulioniuke Anna MikasaiteJuozas Szarkowskis and Josaphata Strelcziuniene
Venckaitis, Antanas
Baptismal Date:22-Jan-05
Jonas, Salome PaszkiewiczStanislovas Paszkiewicz and Sophia Teiszerska
Venckus, Casimeras
Baptismal Date:16-Oct-04
Jonas, Apolonia PaulikasCasimeras Venckus and Ursula Katauskaite
Veriga, Isidoras
Baptismal Date:19-Nov-05
Franciskas, Barbara JudeikaiteJuozas Leszcrauskis and Domicella Zobielaite
Vertelis (Winters), Jonas
Baptismal Date:26-Feb-05
Jonas, Joana DanaiteDominicas Gentils and Catharine Petrokiene
Virnauskis, Jonas
Baptismal Date:28-Jan-06
Franciskas, Catharina StonczaiteCasimeras Gioczas and Veronika Miziene
Vitkevicze, Ladislovas
Baptismal Date:29-Jan-05
Ladislovas, Josepha BerancaiteVincentas Naujokas and Marijona Valancziene
Vysocki, Eufrozina
Baptismal Date:23-Mar-05
Juozas, Salomea JankowskaJonas Nutocze and Rosalia Tomkiewicz
Zaramba, Antanas
Baptismal Date:17-Apr-04
Bonifacas, Anna PoceviczaiteAntanas Bielskis and Anna Zarambaite
Zaramba, Antanas
Baptismal Date:1-Oct-05
Antanas, Franciska SkurdelaiteMykolas Zaramba and Johanna Dautaraite
Zaromskis, Natalija
Baptismal Date:26-Nov-05
Jurgis, Martha VizeleukaiteCasimeras Niedvaras and Anna Kazakaitiene
Zekas, Aleksandras
Baptismal Date:28-Aug-04
Vincentas, Anna VigracaiteAleksandras Vigracas and Marijona Kuszleikiene
Zekas, Barbora
Baptismal Date:3-Dec-05
Vincentas, Anna VigracaiteJurgis Survilas and Josepha Jucevicziene
Zembulis, Marciana
Baptismal Date:29-Oct-05
Juozas, Barbora RumszaiteJuozas Lazdutis and Marcijona Jocaite
Ziobelis, Franciscka
Baptismal Date:13-Aug-05
Jonas, Petronella NikszaiteStanislovas Kuczynskis and Josepha Banevicziene
Zukauskis, Thomas
Baptismal Date:31-Dec-05
Zenonas, Ursula ZarambaiteFelix Vilczynskis and Antonina Jircziene
Zukauskis, Vincentas
Baptismal Date:25-Sep-04
Simonas, Ursula ZarombaBonifacas Zaromba and Anna Zarombiene
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