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The names and research information below were abstracted from the Chicago Ancestor File published by the Chicago Genealogical Society. This list includes individuals of Lithuanian descent born in Lithuania, Prussia, and Latvia. We do not have this file in our possesion and thus we will not be able to provide any additional information than what is found in this compilation. We have not confirmed this possibility yet, but you might be able to obtain additional information by writing (for a nominal fee) to the Chicago Genealogical Society at the following address:

Chicago Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 1160
Chicago, IL 60690-1160

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Caplan, Jacob
Remarks: b. 1888 Lithuania
Cotton, Alberhause
Remarks: b. circa 1820 Lithuania
Caplan, Leib
Remarks: b. 1854 Lithuania [And 2 children Born in Poland]
Cotton, Celia
Remarks: b. 1855 Russia
Chipalov, Caroline
Remarks: b. 1868 Prussia
Cotton, Joseph
Remarks: b. circa 1863 Lithuania
Conrad, Michael
Remarks: b. 1835 Prussia
Cotton, Rose
Remarks: b. 1861 Lithuania
Coset, Albert Louis
Remarks: b. 1857 Prussia
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