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All of us realize the importance of obituary notices in newspapers. Obits may reveal spouse's names, maiden names, family member names, and in some cases the kaimas[town] of birth or even the parish name in Lithuania. Presently , we are indexing names found in obituary notices of the two major Chicago Lithuanian newpapers:Draugas and Naujienos. Sad to say, we are unable to obtain the obit notice at this time. Our hopes are that both papers will be either Microfilmed or digitally copied within the next year. We will advise you as soon as look-ups are possible. Please do not request copies of obits from the Draugas as they lack the staff to fulfill such requests.

***UPDATE*** Obituaries are now available for the names published on the DRAUGAS list. The cost of each name/obit will be $6.00. If there is a thank-you notice published and you would like that also the cost will be $2.00 extra. Thank-you notices are generally published 1 to 4 weeks after the death. For further information contact Arleen Gould. The Draugas list will be updated weekly with approxamately 200 new names.

The following index gives the names and the date it was published in the newspaper. Not all are obituary notices. There are notices for the anniversary of the death and also a published thank-you from the family after the funeral. Obituary notices are not only for Chicago either. We have seen names of deceased from other states and also from Lithuania.

1921 - 1925

1926 - 1930
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R - Z*

1931 - 1935

Naujienos Index

Example of Lithuanian Obit Published in Draugas

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